Innovation and sustainability

SOLITEK, founded in 2009, is one of the leading solar energy solutions provider and manufacturer in the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe. SOLITEK, together with other research institutions and centers, actively participates in solar technologies research, which eventually helps to create more efficient solar energy usage and looks for new ways to implement solar module solutions in the transport industry. Also participates in the European commission’s digital innovation implementation field – SMART ENERGY DIH activities. SOLITEK is a member of the European Solar Energy Council (EMSC), which promotes solar manufacturing made in Europe, creating a political environment to support industrial manufacturing and research while maintaining it at the top level globally.

SOLITEK is the only one in Europe to control the entire production process, from solar cell research and technology development photovoltaic module production to the design and installation of solar power plants.

Being at the European forefront of solar technology innovation, SOLITEK is putting maximum effort not only to supply renewable energy technologies but also to do this in the most environmentally friendly way.