‘SoliTek R&D is a part of advanced technology company group ‘’BOD Group’’ that is conducting a project called ‘’ Innovative green electric energy generation and storage solution for e-transport’’ and is seeking to implement new solutions to increase the efficiency of renewable energy usage in public and private transport sectors.

Transport will be one of the most significant electrical energy-consuming sectors. Therefore, it will require an increasingly more substantial amount of green energy solutions.

The renewable energy and electric vehicle transport market is constantly growing, requiring comfortable and innovative solutions. New solution demand is increased by new strict environmental protection standards and government-run movements that require green energy implementation in various industries. This project seeks to make every e-vehicle driver’s life easier by giving more accessibility to a mobile e-vehicle charging station. 

SOLITEK team believes that the solutions created during the development of this project will bring lots of benefits to increasing the consumption of renewable energy in private and public transport sectors and also help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses