Specific knowledge in photovoltaic technologies

The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (Protech) is a private non-profit research institute established under the FP5 Centres of Excellence project for Candidate Countries “First Step” as an industrial research center with specific knowledge in photovoltaic technologies. The institute is focusing its activities on industry-relevant research supporting SMEs and manufacturing industries in Lithuania and EU countries from the very beginning. Successful implementation of research projects with strong industry involvement triggered the interest of private investors to work with Protech as a performer of industry-level research and technology developer 

Today, ProTech is a recognized applied research center focusing its activities on green energy generation and application technologies, particularly photovoltaics, energy-efficient buildings, and environment-friendly materials. ProTech administrates a national Photovoltaic Technology Cluster and runs its open-access R&D facilities. ProTech is also an administrator of the Plastics and new materials cluster.