Innovative technologies for energy generation and storage systems

  • Development of a mobile electric car charging station prototype. The device’s function is to charge the electric vehicle in the shortest possible time from the capacity of the integrated batteries.
  • Development of a new generation autonomous bus station prototype.
  • Development of a lightweight photovoltaic module.
  • Development of a folding PV power plant based on a light photovoltaic module.
SINTEF Industry:
  • SINTEF is going to test, under Nordic conditions, light-weight PV modules and battery systems coupled with PV modules developed by Lithuanian partners. The relevant demo-site, which includes innovative PV panels and batteries, will be installed and monitored at SINTEF.
  • Based on the implementation of advanced sensors and monitoring system, data analysis will be performed. Conclusions concerning operation of e-transportation on the basis of green electricity under Nordic conditions will be drawn. 
  • Assessment of recycling of lightweight photovoltaic modules